About Our Company
"In every encounter, we will make a positive impact on our patients and colleagues."

We are the Athens Heart Center IT team, specializing in developing innovative software for physicians' practices, hospitals, and ERs. We started our mission to provide service to the medical industry in February 2002, under the guidance of Dr. Subodh K. Agrawal, an Interventional Cardiologist with an established practice in Athens, Georgia. The team is composed of physicians (MDs and RNs) and IT professionals (BS and MS graduates with over 45 years combined experience), who work together to develop the best quality software.

We are currently developing a suite of web-based solutions to ease the work of health care providers. MyChartWriter enables online access to patient data and health care information across facilities and offices. With it's built-in charting engine, which reduces report generation time and availability latency, MyChartWriter is an invaluable asset to any physician's office.

Our easy to use and very powerful physician scheduling software is OneSchedule. OneSchedule simplifies the process of fairly scheduling physicians for call rotations and keeping everyone involved informed as to changes and additions to schedules. Since our system is completely web based, schedules can be viewed, updated, created or added at any time, from anywhere.