Overview of MyChartWriter
MyChartWriter is hosted as an application service that can be accessed on the web by the end users. It serves as a central repository for patient owned health records with 24/7 real time availability. The reduction in the waste of resources translates into savings, and the solutions for nomenclature, codes, and interfaces ensure adherence to standards.

Key Features
  • Web-based, 3-tier EMR application.
  • Multiple simultaneous users with session management.
  • User Authentication and Authorization.
  • Complete Office Note generation.
  • Echo, Nuclear, Cath, PTCA, carotid report generation.
  • Drug interactions check, formulary check, and monograph search (not available with trial version).
  • CPT, ICD-9CM search.
  • Fee Schedule.
  • Patient demographics and Insurance interface with Medical Manager.
  • Dashboard and Workflow
  • Photo capture and insurance card scan.
  • Document and clinical data repositories.
  • Integrated e-fax capability.
  • Access any time, anywhere.
  • Accurate healthcare data capture, while still preserving the semantic richness of the report.
  • Customizable data capture templates and reports
  • Healthcare information documented during patient's encounter.
  • Healthcare information of the patient immediately available for subsequent decision making and analysis and can be shared by all those involved in patient's care.
  • Strict adherence to the policies, regulations, guidelines, and related healthcare legislations.
  • Patient empowered to participate actively in audit access and disclosure of the protected health information.
  • Reduction in healthcare cost by optimizing the workflow processes.